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Goodbye 486_Krew

Well I woke up this morning and checked my E-mail and got this little ditty.

"Dear LiveJournal user skrillz2002,</p>

brutal_truth has removed you as a maintainer of the community 486 Kr3w.


I guess I should have seen it coming but I will now stop neglecting this community and add some content. I started this community to spread the word of Open Source technology and just kinda let it sit here in hopes that it would spread on its own. Expect more from the Astrik community very soon.

Thank You,
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Project X revived

Alright, So I wrote this article when I was 18 for another user group I was a part of. I found this during my little file saving expedition and plan on updating the hardware specs. and finishing the long forgotten part 2 of the series. I hope you like it.

Hello boys and girls,
In todays post I Professor Digital will be showing you what you need to make the "Ultimate Hackers/Gamers Computer", from now on we will call this project X (nice name huh?) so check out the links and do what you will.

Professor Digital.

Motherboard-Abit - ATX Motherboard
Processor-AMD-Athlon 64
Hard Drive-Maxtor Serial ATA Ultra 200.0GB Internal Hard Drive
CD Drives-DVD-ROM Drive
Memory-Crucial Technology 512MB Memory

Digital noteOk, your gonna need cables,connectors plus a power source which will be covered in the next section but as for the cables and connectors I'll leave that to you...Good luck

Well now that we have the basics lets get everything running.


Case-Aluminum Black Chenming 601 w/ Full Size Window
Power Supply-ZM400B-APS Power Supply
Cooling Options
Cheap Old Skool Cooling-Heatsink
CPU/Case Fans- ThermalTake X-blower Two Channel VR Fan Kit
Water Cooling- Asetek WaterChill Cooling Kit
Digital Note:Water Cooling is expensive but its a very good investment for protection of your high-end parts

Now its time for the Video & Sound section.

Video & Sound
told ya :)

Video Card- ATI RADEON 9800 XT

Sound Card- Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Audio Card Gold or Platinum

Network Card- Netgear Desktop 10 Mbps ISA Network Card
Router- Netgear Cable/DSL ProSafe VPN Firewall with 8-Port 10/100 Mbps Switch

Note I use Netgear Networking hardware, its not the best but its good for the price and none of their products have failed me.

Now that we have covered the hardware it's time to move on to the software section, I will cover the O.S.(Operating System) and some other needed software that will make Project X run smoothly.


Operating Systems
Windows-Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Linux/Unix-there is alot to sift through in the Linux/Unix Department so I'm linking to a site that will Explain the pros and cons of each Linux"Distro" Linux Distributions

Well thats all for Pt. 1 of the "Ultimate Computer" I will return w/ part 2where I will give a list of software needed to make things run smoothly and few mods to make the computer look as good as it should run

See Ya Later,
Professor Digital</div></td></tr>
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Crash Recovery


If you monitor this site you will see there have been no posts since my initial starting post. My computer crashed and I have been working for about 2 days now to have everything running close to half-assed. Bare w/ me as I get everything running and try to recover what is left of my hard drives. I will soon be posting on a semi-regular basis. I hope to see the Astrick blog go as far as possible. My post today may sound a little rambly being that I have slept around 5 hours the past 2 days trying to save all my personal data. I hope to see more people join the user group soon.